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Use of first and third-party cookies

ICAT employs other companies to perform analytical functions that help ICAT better understand how Users navigate the ICAT website. These functions involve the use of first and third-party cookies which are identifiers that enable web browsers to store information about Users visiting the ICAT website. Other third parties, such as Facebook and Twitter, may use cookies to collect and receive data on Users in order to provide ICAT with measurement services and target advertisements. Use of this website constitutes consent to the collection and use of information as described in this privacy notice.

Furthermore, ICAT treats all User information with confidentiality and third parties will not disclose User information to other advertisers unless User permission is given, or the third-party is required to do so by law. ICAT, however, assumes no responsibility for the security of User information. Users that do not wish to have their information collected may choose to disable new cookies on their web browser as well as disable cookies altogether. Additionally, Users may choose to change their browser settings to disable flash cookies which remain on your browser after deleting cookies.